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30 Covers, 30 Days
She Said
Well, I thought I had no chance by now, but my novel got a cover for Day 19!

think I had an edge because of my region, because not many people from my region nominate themselves (I don't know how many, especially from my country). Anyway, I read my synopsis again and it looked pretty good, so different from what I actually wrote. I need to start making things happen. I have to win this time!

New York native Jon Contino is known for his unique illustration style which combines old and new world aesthetics into a modern, minimalist style. His work reveals the influences of historical New York, contemporary street art, and the lost art of hand-drawn lettering. He serves as a designer and consultant for brands large and small, and as co-founder and creative director of CXXVI Clothing Co. Jon recently won the ADC Young Guns award. 



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